Here are some aids we have accumulated. Most topics are presented in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat formats. When Word versions are not provided, it is because the files were too large because of the screen shots. We hope they may help you in your work.

Free Message Board ("chat") for your web page from Chative. (Demonstrated on this page as well on our home page).Feel free to use the "Chative" messaging tool that appears in the floaoting purple circle (to the lower right corner of this page).



Aspect Ratio Calculator

Article on using the free calculator


An Excel spreadsheet that enables you to recalculate the image aspect ratio for Photoshop reworking of a graphic.
How to Carry Your Vaccination Card on Your Phone (by Chandra Steele)  
Free AxCrypt inscription software

Getting your free electronic business card


These two resources were contributed by Megan in her class, instructed by LouAnne Taylor, Library Media Specialist

Computer Skills: Mouse and Keyboarding Games


Proper Typing Techniques


Improve your keyboarding skills and have fun in the process

christin-hume-mfB1B1s4sMc-unsplashImage by Christin-Hume-mfB1B1s4sMc-on unsplash

Veronica Lang runs a weekly after school club to enable students to mingle with friends while also having fun playing educational games via computer or iPad! Special thanks to Chloe for finding these nearly 30 resources on learning to type and having fun in the process..

Help for Mastering Keyboard Skills

This site helps you to learn the basics of typing and keyboarding. A special thanks to Jenna who researched and found this site. Click on any of the many tutorial links to improve your keyboarding skills. Thanks for the tip Jenna.

Jenna's badge for her Netiquette award:


Video on how to set up an IMAP (type) email account on a Windows 10 computer for a Microsoft 365 Outlook client  
Lessons On Familiarity With The Mouse  
Manual for a church donation page
Help on picking a photography sharing site
You Have Been Hacked: tips for protecting your privacy on the internet  
Use the free Join.Me application to share your or join another's computer session. This is a safe, encrypted way of being on another computer as you help them or they help you.
Collaborate with Others On Your Own
Getting started with Dropbox; the place to store, work on, edit, delete and share some or all of the files you want. Work on them from home, work, on any computer, smartphone, iPad or device that accesses the internet.
The collaborative Wunderlist smartphone application (note: this was bought by Microsoft and is now called ToDo. Website  

Make your internet secure by browsing only through your own private Virtual Private Network (vpn) tunnel with Witopia

  Article on Why the Need for a Personal VPN from WiTopia
Encrypting files and folders
Adobe Photoshop Express App for the iPhone (greatly improves your photos as you shoot)
Tabzon Free Electronic In-And-Out Board
Creating a Playable DVD Disk
Video file conversions - a "must have" tool if you are shooting and sharing videos
Backup your computer's drivers before you have to reformat your drive and lose them all. Free tool.
Export settings in QuickTime for Uploading to YouTube
Copying & Moving Files & Folders
Copying Files from Diskette to Hard Drive
Creating Password-Protected Screensavers
Creating A Table in MS Access
Creating Outlook Email Distribution Lists
Folder & File-Naming Conventions
Mail Merge Tool Bar in Word 2003
Merging Data for Letters Plus
Virus Protection
Windows Folder & File Management
Word Watermarks Workaround
Working With Folders

Online Keyboarding Educational Experience

Lessons On Familiarity With The Mouse
Showing your email address on a web page but hiding it from the spam bots that collect them for junk mail mailings.