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The Four Most Important Things
Electronic (Kindle) and Paperback (CreateSpace)

The Four Most Important Things by Philip Siddonsis what you want your children or grandchildren to know so that they will find happiness and integrity in their lives. In the simplest form, it conveys the core values in ways kids can understand.
As characters have various experiences, Mount dispenses the appropriate insight to help improve their lives .
These four stories delight children two through 92. Some sophisticated HR departments might even adopt them as corporate best practices.



The “After Their Bedtime” is a series of essays by the author, explaining the thinking, philosophy and theology behind the children's stories in The Four Most Important Things. You may read it here, apart from Amazon's Kindle and CreateSpace publications.


The Two Gifts
Electronic (Kindle) and Paperback (CreateSpace)

A feminist medieval tale about the choices in using power in relationships in order to bring about equality in intimate relationships. This book is available in Kindle or Paperback versions.

By Philip Siddons, Illustrated by Andrea Oswald


Jesus, Feminism & You

Electronic (Kindle) and Paperback (CreateSpace)

To help clarify the issues, Philip Siddons examines the biblical passages referring to women's status in society and the church as they relate to the whole of Scripture. Siddons traces the changing attitudes toward women through the first-century Jewish culture and the greatly changed early Christian church in the Hellenistic culture. He shows how Jesus and the church modeled a new equality and how the Spirit of God was moving people in a new direction – especially with regard to the status of women. Jesus, Feminism & You calls all who align their spiritual pilgrimage with the teachings and person of Christ to reexamine the example of Jesus who saw women as human beings with equal responsibility with men in personal growth and ministry. For everyone seeking to understand the emergence of women as equal partners in the home, society and in the church, this book sheds new light on what Jesus meant when he proclaimed the purpose of his mission "to set free those who are downtrodden." A very interesting group study with questions for each chapter.

Because Jesus dared to see women as human beings having equal rights with men, he can rightly be called a feminist. I define "feminist" as one who believes and acts in accordance with the presupposition that women should have rights equal to men in all aspects of life. While women's rights was not an issue in the Gospels, what emerges from the writings is a Jesus, in considerable contrast to what we know of first-century Palestinian Judaism, was an individual who could be described by the contemporary term "feminist."


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Andrea Oswald is a gifted illustrator and author. Her children’s book “Icicle” is a delightfully written and illustrated witty and compelling story for children three and up – as well as the rest of us who cherish that pure, innocent, trusting and loving space within us.

Andrea started out creating her book as just a fun project. Upon completing it, as many writers and artists discover, she found that her work embodies so much more than she realized. It speaks of the longing for unconditional love and acceptance. It resonates with her experiences as a former foster parent and adoptive mother. Like all great art and literature, it carries elements of the spiritual, mythical, emotional and intellectual meaning that envelopes the best of our lives.

Buy this book and experience that sacred space within you – particularly as you read it with a young child in your life. To obtain Icicle in Kindle OR Paperback, go here.

For additional information on Andrea, go to http://Presented.us/Andrea


The Tale of a Tail from Calcoona County

A paperback book
by Ruth Grove Prostor (Author), Andrea Oswald (Illustrator)
The usual buzz of Groundhog Day in Calcoona County, USA is overshadowed by the drama that befalls the hapless Willie Pheasant. Willie is surrounded by the care and concern of many forest friends including Peter Possum, Sylvester Squirrel and Donny Woodpecker. Willie finds solace while suffering from a very trying circumstance. Come take in this delightful "Tale of a Tail" through Amazon books by clicking here.

For additional information on Andrea, go here.


Jackie the Angel

is a delightful best-selling children's book
by Patricia Rust, PhD.
It was typeset in InDesign with full page bleeds of the artwork and is on sale at Amazon through the CreateSpace publication & distribution service. Get your copies here.


The King of Skittledeedoo

another best-selling children's book
by Patricia Rust, PhD.
This project was done to enable Amazon's "Look Inside" feature for displaying Amazon books. See feature here.