How to Carry Your Vaccination Card on Your Phone

Read this defining article by Chandra Steele on PC Magazine:


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General Ways To Save Your Vaccination Information:

. Take a Photo of your paper vaccination card

. Put It In Your Digital Wallet

Use VaxYes from GoGetVax creates a certificate that can be placed in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay

. Use your local government or State solution (in New York of LA county in California)

.Walmart and Sam's Club

          Our Advice
          In our experience of trying the first 3 options, we had the most direct luck using the VaxYes solution. It enabled my wife and I to each have a certificate on our phone’ s wallet, complete with all of our vaccination information, dates and a scannable bar code. Their url is:

    Preparation for VaxYes:
                      1. Scan your vaccination card (that you received when you were vaccinated) and save it as a .jpg file.
                      2. Scan and save your driver’s license and save it as a .jpg file.
                      3. During the online form completion, you will need to record (from your vaccination card) the type of vaccine you received (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) of each dose, the Lot #, date of dose) and your birthday.
                      4. You will give them your cell phone number and they will send you a link to download your digital certificate so you can save it in your Apple Wallet or Google Photos.