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Working to create egalitarian communities which seek gender, racial & economic justice.


Philip Siddons is living in Los Angeles with his wife Linda. He received a BA in literature, an MDiv and then a DMin with his dissertation on feminist studies. He is the author of several books and short stories. His website is here at https://FlyByNight.us.

Philip works with others who value egalitarian communities providing gender, racial and ethnic justice. https://flybynight.us & https://mediun.com/@psiddons





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Mixed Signals

03 Mixed signals 2inches.jpg

How a Santa Monica College Student Thwarted the Russian Army.

Picking Something Other than The Next Door


Instead, try choosing the staircase to the tree house.

A Response

Red and Blue – Mix Them Together



Mixing blue and red pigments together will give you the color violet or purple.

A Response

Fifteen Reasons You Might Want a Virtual PO Box


Having a virtual address allows you to designate a location other than your actual address. Whatever reasons you have for doing so makes for more convenience, greater privacy, and more peace of mind.

Creating Disposable Emails for Free, Anytime and Anywhere

Now you can finally control who gets to send you email.


You can set up custom disposable email accounts for vendors whom you don’t yet know. This is a convenient way to hide your regular email account from people you have not yet vetted. You can monitor your emails and easily eliminate those who abuse their email communication.

Noah and Margo

A short story about the first quarantine.


It’s not even about surviving. And with gentleness, he looked into Margo’s eyes and slowly said, “It’s about making life more fun and fairer for you. Being with you is all that matters.”

God happened to be walking near — just below the hill where they sat. God smiled. For once, at least some of them, had finally gotten the point of it all.

Reaching Out for Help

Sooner or later, each of us asks, “How do I ask God to help me?”


It’s time to reach out but it really isn’t that much of a reach. You’re never beyond God’s grasp.

How to Use Your Amazon Rewards in Purchases

Amazon Logo

I offered this tutorial to Amazon Card Service Specialists, but they were not interested. Someday, Amazon may create a tutorial to help us learn how to use the Amazon Prime Store Card Rewards. Meanwhile, here is a brief piece on how to spend our Amazon store card rewards when making other purchases at Amazon.

How Weary Non-Profits Can Come to Thrive

They just need to pair resources with the need.


When you give people the opportunity to connect their interests and experiences with others in need, the miraculous becomes evident. Lives can be changed. People can find healing and connection in their community.

Checkbox Dieting for Nerds

An easier way to keep track of your nutrition and the food you eat.

Dining by Farhad on unsplash

Planning your food consumption then shopping for what you eat requires planning and thought. But even keeping track of what I have eaten and should consume for the rest of the day is where I need help. I simply can’t keep track of the contents of the food pyramid throughout the day.

If you have Microsoft Word and Evernote, you don’t have to be a Pulitzer prize winning nutritionist with a photographic memory in order to manage it.

Make Your Website Have a Two-Way Communication with Chative

Whatever kind of website you have, consider adding some feedback mechanism to expand your communication dynamic with your website visitors.

For my information-only websites, I use a Chative response bubble. Chative is a fun communication tool to expand your website communications.

Pandemic Help for the Immunosuppressed

It’s called Evusheld.

The pharmaceutical maker AstraZeneca has released the COVID antibody treatment called Evusheld. It is designed to stop COVID from infecting people with weakened immune systems. For many of the immune compromised, the COVID vaccines are not as effective. The government has approved Evusheld for emergency use.
Why Gratitude Is Not Based On ‘Things’ Gratitude isn't about ignoring or turning your back on pain or hurt in the world or in your life. It simply means that as we navigate through our often challenging journey of life, through the hurt and adversity, we choose to see the light, to see the beauty, to see the potential.
How to Modify Your Image to Fit on Your Social Media Site

Calculating your photo aspect ratio for publications.

(Get your free Excel Aspect Ratio Calculator
Here at this site

Retrofitting Our Buildings, Stabilizing Our Own Lives
How to use emotional alchemy to navigate the little earthquakes.

Things Change Architecturally The flyers appeared on Saturday morning, taped to our front doors. “Holy shit” I gasped when I saw the notices flapping in the breeze. “I’ll bet the owners sold the apartment complex. They’re probably going to evict us all just so they can make multiple millions selling the buildings to new owners. Plus, we’ll have to move and we won’t be able to afford the higher new rents.

Rocket Man

The leadership you desire can come from you.

As a Father

A father's grateful contemplation of the life of his daughter.

First Day

A celebration of the significant start of new life.

More Ways to Give to Your Favorite Charity

Ralph’s is the largest subsidiary of Cincinnati-based Kroger and will contribute to your non-profit organization.

Getting Amazon to Contribute to Your Favorite Non-Profit

Note: On February 2023, Amazon announced they are discontinuing the Smile program. This piece now serves only as an example of an online how-to document.

We could be helping the non-profit by designating them as our favorite charity on Amazon's Smile portal.

14 questions determining your readiness for an intimate relationship.

Make intimacy your life goal and you will find that no matter where you go, you are already home.
Living in the Now

Worried about when?
As of yet, when hasn’t come.
Instead, think of now.

Haiku Heat "Ha! Exactly, Philip. All the Covid misinformation in one poem." . . .Editor of House of Haiku
On the Transition of “Girl”
A note of encouragement to Tracette, our friend, who has lost her pet “Girl.”

Finding the Presence of God

Notice when you see compassionate hospitality amidst your transitions.


"The last place most people look is right under their feet, in the everyday activities, accidents, and encounters of their lives. What possible spiritual significance could a trip to the grocery store have? How could something as common as a toothache be a door to greater life?" (Barbara Brown Taylor)

Should You Encrypt Your Emails?

If you read the news, the hate groups may drive you to encryption

As safe as most emails are, there are some things you don’t want hanging out there in your inbox folders for dishonest people to access.

Look for God When God is Busiest

And hone your listening skills

"Where is God?" you ask, when you're staring at your "positive" COVID test report.

Your New Electronic Business Card

Linktree connects your readers to all your publications


It would be convenient if all of our avenues of connection could be stored in one location. Then, there would only be one place to maintain the list of connectivity links we share.

What Do You Want Out Of Life?

Your answer is in how you handle your excess capacity.

Each of us has some excess capacity. We are not living hand to mouth. If we pause and reflect on things we enjoy doing, it is clear we have abilities and resources that could benefit others.

The Healer’s Cloisonné

A fable about choosing a path with heart

It is the story about a young healer who is given additional powers to heal. She receives these additional powers through the gift of a Cloisonné, a magical orb, that a powerful magician gives to her.

Or Else

A fable of when people get everything they want until they choose to pursue only what they need

The fable tells of a land where everyone gets whatever they want. Ultimately, they come to see there are better choices which, more positively, empower their children and themselves.

Hubris and Holodecks

We need to terminate the virtual reality of the privileged

This compares the 2020 Republican National Convention to the 'anything goes' Star Trek Holodeck.
How to Place Photos in Medium Posts
11 Procedures to Help You Place Graphics in Your Story
This is a tip sheet for those, like me, who have struggled with photo and image placement in Medium.

The 4 Most Important Life Lessons for Children

(With after their bed time reflections for adults)

These stories are what you want your children or grandchildren to know so that they will find happiness and integrity in their lives.

Footnotes in Medium

A visual how-to piece for creating footnotes when publishing on Medium.com

The Two Gifts

A feminist medieval tale about the choices in using power in relationships.

Have It Your Way

But it might not be what you want!

What if God was an attendant at Burger King and really let you have it your way

Sodom - Hold The "y"

How religious misinterpretations oppress the LGBTQ+ community


A story of forgiveness

The Statue That Haunts Santa Monica

How an entire community has begun to grapple with homelessness because of a statue

In Praise of Something Done Right

Finally, a story about a property manager that treats renters royally

Chemotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Positive news on how chemotherapy for MS is an OK experience

If I Should Die Before I Wake

An oppressive children's prayer and how we can responsively prepare for our own brevity of life

Creaturs of Habit

Types of Multiple Sclerosis and Reflections on the Experience

Needful Things

If we agree on the universality of human existential loneliness, what should we practically be doing with ourselves in our day-too-day lives?

How Much Space Do You Need To Be Happy?

Personal space. How much do we really need? And how does that need relate to our happiness?

Psychographics, Facebook and the End of Your Privacy

Every politician and advertiser uses this kind of group demographic data to effectively influence their desired outcome.

United Express

A short parity of some of the absurdities of flying United Airlines

Worst Practices

Is a children's Christmas play an enactment of our crazy modern life?

Receiving Useless Catalogues?

A practical online tool to get yourself off advertiser's mailing lists.

Aquarius, Please Bear With Us

Managing Hydration During Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

Hierarchical Thinking and The Myth of Redemptive Violence

Where did we get the idea that some people have more worth than others? What affect will your existence had on people where you’ve been?

Holy Moments

A celebration of the special times I've spent with beautiful seniors.

Pivotal Moments

However the new year unfolds for you, know that the future awaits you with fabulous promise.

Compassionate Presence

We remember a person’s character of caring and self-sacrificial love for others. What will endure will be the extent we are able to be truly present in the moment with others in such a way that we can fully accept and take them in a loving and unconditional way.

When You Stumble, Make It Part of the Dance

But call your neurologist, ASAP

With MS, you feel as if some mysterious force has magically replaced some of your muscle ligaments with rubber bands. You can’t hold your legs as steadily as you’d like. You gradually come to walk with some jerkiness.

It’s a Wonder We Can Think at All

What caused us to disregard what had once been at the center of our values?

About Your Worry About Giving Your Children Enough Religion or Spirituality

Are wonder if we have given our children enough to spiritually make it. Your very existence, in all that you are and all that you teach to your children, your spouse and friends, is your gift.

50 Notes of Loving Gratitude

June 12, 2021, on our 50th wedding anniversary

I’m grateful for you. My love for you is one of the unfathomable mysteries of my life. It is stunningly impossible to plummet the depth of my love for you.

Print Books

Jesus. Feminism & You

On Amazon.com

A study of the cultural, sociological, religious and literary context of biblical passages referring to women's status. It compares the attitudes toward women through the first-century Jewish culture and the greatly changed early Christian church in the ensuing decades. It shows how Jesus and the church modeled a new feminist direction. "Feminist" is one who believes and acts with the conviction that women should have rights equal to men in all aspects of life.Amazon, 2017.

The Two Gifts

On Medium for Free

On Amazon.com

A feminist medieval tale about the choices in using power in relationships. Amazon, 2016.
wavy green ribbon.jpg

The Four Most Important Things

On Medium for Free

On Amazon.com


A collection of four short children's stories that conveys the most important in values we want to pass on to our young children. Amazon, 2013.