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Website Planning

Organizational & Operational Methodology

  1. Overall Goals: Communicate, Advertise, Distribute Information, Provide Services?
  2. Long Range Goals: Services To Members; Services To General Public
  3. Short Range Goals: Information To Members & To General Public
  4. Internet, Intranet or Internet & Intranet
  5. Alignment With Institution's Image and Mission Statement
  6. Static or Dynamic (active or interactive) WEB Pages? Divide the project up into phases.
  7. Project Lines of Responsibility & Accountability: Communication Channels (Who is the Project Manager and what are the lines of reporting?)
  8. Web Page Design by Committee // Graphics Specialist // Both
  9. Starting & Ongoing Budgets
  10. Security/Access Policy Established. Encryption? Risk Analysis? Testing?
  11. Marketing & Publicity Rollout (In-House, Outsourced?)
  12. Ongoing Web Maintenance
  13. External Project Resources:
  • Consultants: OA Systems, PCI, CTG, Computer People
  • Books (see the last page of this document)
  • Training Classes for Staff (New Horizons, IKON, Buffalo Public Schools & University Resources)